Final Drives

We take pride in our quality and attention to detail with final drives. As a major component for a well operating machine, we take care to ensure we sell you a high quality part that will add years of life to your machine. Most of our used final drives are completely disassembled; each gear, bearing and other components are inspected for wear or imperfections. We replace any imperfect part, reassemble the final drive, install new seals and o-rings, replace the cover and repaint the final drive to get it ready for sale. These final drives are certified by our rebuilder as “inspected and resealed” and given a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. We also stock many of the internal gears, bearings and seals for customers who prefer to rebuild their own final drives. Final Drives sold as “good used” carry a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Final Drives

Final Drive Repair/Rebuild

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